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Cryogenic coaxial cable

Cryogenic coaxial cable

Coaxial cable for use at low temperatures,In addition to the electrical properties of the cable,Also consider the low temperature resistance of the cable, vacuum compatibility, heat leakage, flexibility, space limitations, etc,Teflon materials maintain good flexibility and vacuum compatibility at low temperatures,Therefore, the insulation material using Teflon's very thin coaxial cable is widely used for precision DC or low frequency measurements at low temperatures

Low temperature coaxial cable product overview

Product characteristics
• Room temperature range: 10mK--450K
• Low temperature flexibility
• Good vacuum compatibility
• Low leakage to meet precision DC measurement
• Good low frequency measurement compatibility

Type classification
Type C
Extremely fine low-temperature solid coaxial cable with drain wire, this coaxial cable features:
• 32AWG solid wire is robust and easy to connect
• Can use the drain line solid tinned copper wire, can be effectively grounded, strong and durable
• Effective removal of electrical noise
• Avoid chemical reactions caused by heat and electricity in the core wire and shielding layer, and the service life of the wire is long
• Usage frequency: 3G

Type U
Ultra-fine low-temperature solid coaxial cable with braided structure tinned copper shield:
• The outer diameter of the wire is 0.8mm is ideal for compact cryogenic systems
• 36AWG solid wire, stronger and more durable than multi-strand wire, easy to connect
• Use frequency: 6G

Technical parameters of low temperature coaxial cable

Parameters and technical indicators:

Low temperature coaxial cable applications

Integrated circuit

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