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Low temperature grease

Low temperature grease

Grease is usually used to install and secure sensors,Provide thermal contact while ensuring electrical insulation,Both N and H Grease are used to enhance thermal contact,Especially if the sensor is mounted inside the cavity,N Grease is suitable for use at low temperatures,H Grease is suitable for high temperature applications。

Low temperature grease products overview

Due to its low saturated vapor pressure and high thermal conductivity, Apiezon® grease is ideal for non-stationary or heat sink sensors at low temperatures, for lubricating contact points and O-rings, or for applying in the middle of thermal boundaries to enhance thermal contact。
Apiezon® N: This universal grease enhances thermal contact and provides a temporary mounting method for temperature sensors。It is soft at room temperature and solidifies at low temperatures, which makes it easy to apply and remove the sensor at room temperature (without damage).。Grease is not an adhesive and is not sufficient to hold sensors or wires in place without some mechanical assistance, such as spring clips or tape。N Grease is a good application for fixing sensor insertion holes。Contains a high molecular weight polymer hydrocarbon additive, which has a firm rubber-like viscosity after curing, so that the grease is cushioned between the mating surfaces。
Apiezon® H: This grease can withstand temperatures up to 523 K(250°C) without melting。It is specially used in applications where operating temperatures require the use of relatively high melting point greases。

• Good stability
• Non-fixed
• Good chemical inertness
• 无毒
• Easy to apply and remove
• Excellent lubrication properties
• Can be removed by rinsing with xylene and isopropyl alcohol

Technical parameters of low temperature grease

Parameters and indicators:

Technical index
Apiezon® N:
Apiezon® H: 
熔点303 K (30 °C)513 K (240 °C)
1 K (-272 °C)
0.02 W/(m • K)
4.2 K (-269 °C)
0.095 W/(m • K)

100 K (-173 °C)
0.11 W/(m • K)

300 K (27 °C)
0.19 W/(m • K)
0.22 W/(m • K)
Thermal expansion系数(K-1)
Bulk resistivity
2 × 1016 Ω • m
4.6 × 1013 Ω • m
Steam pressure @ 293 K (20 °C):
2.27 × 10-7 Pa;(1.7 × 10-9 Torr)
2.27 × 10-7 Pa;(1.7 × 10-9 Torr)
TML: <1%;CVCM: <0.1%
TML: <1%;CVCM: <0.1%

Low temperature oil application field

Integrated circuit

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